How to get an invalid carriage car for disabled person?


The ability to drive is more important for persons with disabilities than anyone else. The rules and their awareness are only recently being clarified due to many Government Orders. Kit manufacturer shall submit the already type approved vehicle model fitted with retro fitment / adaptation kit along with technical information.

The kit manufacturer shall identify the workshops, which shall carry out the fitment on his behalf. This shall be done on the basis of: Competence. availability of necessary equipment, experience in the relevant field, trained manpower, etc. Medical Certificate for the purpose of DL would be given at the District level by a duly constituted board comprising of CMO as chairman, one medicine specialist and one subject matter specialist (PMR / Orthopaedics surgeon) as member in District hospitals or by a Medical College, where the board will consist of Medical Superintendent or his authorized representative as chairman and two subject matter specialists (PMR / Orthopaedic surgeon) as members.

Next visit the RTO with all the required documents such as address proof, ID proof, car insurances, etc. You will also require to carry a Form 20 with class of vehicle as INVALID CARRIAGE Non Transport duly filled, Disability ID card and Disability Certificate, two copies of the Chassis number on two papers, covering letter requesting the RTO to register your car as Invalid Carriage and for Tax exemption.

At the RTO, have the assigned inspector check your car and give his approval. Proceed towards submitting the form. The registration charges are minimal since you will get 100% Road Tax exemption. Once the forms have been submitted and accepted at the office, they will ask you to come after a week to collect the RC book / card.

Reference: Motor Vehicles Act, 1988



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