How to get allotment letter for a slum under SRA?


Step one – You should file a missing report for your brother who was living in the slum , which can be done only after 48 hours after your brother is missing
Not later than one week of the receipt of the complaint you can Publish the photo of missing person in the local Newspaper, ans also telecast on television.

A public notice is then issued by a Govt agency or legislative body for proceedings.When a missing person complaint is filed, the police also issues a public notice in the newspaper for publication
You should talk to the builder who is in charge of the redevelopment under this scheme for the zhophdi which your brother was living.

You need to avail the allotment letter from Slum Redevelopment Authority itself in order to get a room alloted, for this you can complaint under the RTI for it

Talk to the builder for getting the , keep annexure list copy as it will come handy in future use. for getting the allotment letter, you can file a petition in the distrct court where you need to mention the eligibility under which you come for allotment in annexure list, then you will be included after court order has been given.

Reference:  – – AHG299 – 202100581 – 159 – 185- 2021001292021004214188


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