How to get a mother deed or a parent deed of a land in West Bengal?


To obtain the certified copy of a mother deed, you need to visit the sub-registrar office/local authority where the property is registered and make an application.

An original document relating to a fixed asset like land, buildings etc., which in normal parlance is referred to as a Sale Deed or title deed is also called the mother/parent document. A document which used to be a mother document to any fixed asset sold as also its previous title documents are termed as link documents as they demonstrate the chain of transaction with regard to a particular fixed asset.

All such information are recorded on a non-judicial stamp paper of a certain value as prescribed by the Indian Stamp Act of the state where the property is located.

If the mother document is destroyed, lost or misplaced, the normal procedure is to file a complaint at the jurisdictional Police Station, issue a public notice in atleast two registered newspapers, of which one is in local language and ofcourse, obtain a certified copy along with Non Encumbrance Certificate from the office of the Registrar where it was registered in the first place.

This certified copy + Encumbrance Certificate together with the Police certificate and public notice is a good replacement for the mother document and equally legal tender. Even in case of a mutilated mother document, a certified copy with Encumbrance Certificate should serve the purpose.

Reference: The Indian Stamp Act, 1899.



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