How to get a duplicate share certificate of a housing society?


File an FIR in the local police station stating that you have lost the original share certificate issued to you by the housing society.

You also need to make an application to the housing society informing them about the misplaced or lost share certificate and further request for a duplicate one.

1.You shall then submit an indemnity bond on a stamp paper of Rs 200 to the society agreeing to indemnify/cover all the costs it shall bear to issue a duplicate share certificate.
2.Attach the duly notarized indemnity bond with the application made to the society.
3.On receiving the application the Secretary shall call a Managing committee meeting to get its approval for the grant of a duplicate share certificate.
4.The society shall the issue a Public notice in two local newspapers and also affix a notice on the society notice board in order to invite objections, if any.
5.The society shall also charge you for the cost incurred for issuance of the Public Notice in the newspaper before allotting the duplicate certificate.
6.If no objections are received within 15 days from the date of issue of the Public Notice, then the society shall finally proceed to grant you the duplicate share certificate.

*Submit Documents to Society
1.Request Letter
2.FIR copy
3.Paper copy of notice advertisement
4.Indemnity Bond on Rs. 300 stamp paper
5.Sale Deed / Index copy
6.Photo copy of old Share Certificate if available with member
7.ID Proof and Address proof of member
8.Cheque of duplicate Share Certificate issuance charges




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