How to file complaint against SDM and DSP of police?


Assuming you want to make out a case of corruption against the officials, in order to file a complaint against a public official you must approach the Lokayukta of the concerned State. The complaint may be in no particular format. You must give details of the case that you want to make out against the public Official along with the necessary proofs.

You may inquire more from the office of the Lokayukta. You must be careful while making an official complaint against the officers. If the court finds that the allegation made by you against the officers were baseless, the officers can file a strong countersuit against you for malicious prosecution and defamtion. You should go ahead with these complaints only if you are fully sure and have all the evidence requires to file a case.

You can strenghten your case by bringing in witnesses that are ready to make a testify in the court in front of a committee. The chances of these officers being found guilty on any offences you plan to file a case under are highly unlikely unless you have some very strong evidence against them. It is advised to go fully prepared without leaving any loophole in your case.

Reference: Will be determined by the nature of complaint



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