How to file a complaint with CAT?


In this case you should immediate steps before the whole thing gets cancelled so as to cover up any mistake made by the authority. Take immediate steps to file application before the CAT. Delay will help the government to regularise its errors and manipulations. You file application without any further delay. It is duty of the Government to publish the results.

Application for a common cause affecting interests of large number of government employees can be made against the government or public sector undertaking in the office of the CAT by filling in the prescribed format and appending minimum legal fee in the form of postal orders of Rs.100/ payable at par at all government post offices. A date of hearing from the court than be sought for presenting the facts of the case and seeking relief.

Draft your original application as per the format given in CAT Act, 1985 , go to CAT and file it at the registry of the tribunal. After one or two days, go and remove the objections. Thereafter, your matter will be listed probably on the following day. Appear before the judge , before whom your matter has been listed, and argue your case confidently as to why notice must be issued to the Respondent. That’s all.

Reference: Laws Applicable: The Central Administrative Tribunal (Procedure) Rules, 1987

Sections Applicable: Section 19 of The Central Administrative Tribunal (Procedure) Rules, 1987



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