How To Deal With Divorce Case When Respondent Is Abroad? How Can I go abroad if my divorce case is still open? How Can I leave the country with a pending divorce case in India? How long can a divorce case last in India? How long does a divorce take if one party doesn’t agree or is required to travel abroad?


Yes, one can travel abroad generally it is specified by the court if the person can travel abroad while the case is pending in India. The court can also confiscate the passport if it does not want you to leave India while the case is still in process. But if your advocate takes a prior permission from the court to travel abroad then you have to assure the court that you would come back whenever the next date is fixed so that there should not be any problem.

make sure that all your alimony, maintenance, child support, etc. payments are up to date as it is difficult to explain to judge how you had enough money to travel overseas but not enough to pay the court-ordered fees. While poverty is an excuse not to pay these fees, itÕs hard to seriously argue poverty when you just plunked down a few hundred or thousand on a non-essential vacation. And, if you have an attorney, I would clear with him/her before I purchased the tickets just to be safe.

When a summons is served upon you as a respondent in any petition, you may yourself appear before the concerned Court. You may also appear by a pleader or Advocate, whom you should properly instruct so that he is able to answer all material questions before the Court. Any other person who is able to answer all material questions may also appear before the Court on your behalf, accompanied by a pleader. However, go through the summons carefully.

Reference: Hindu marriage act – 202100499-20210042-7900



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