How to correct mistake in school leaving certificate?


You have two options in this case. First, if you already have a caste certificate approach the school directly and ask them to rectify and correct the mistake. If they ask for proof produce the caste certificate. If you do not have a caste certificate most of the states adopt online mode of application for obtaining new caste certificate.

The process is quite simple. If you fulfil the required eligibility, you can fill the application form online and pay the requisite fee to get the caste certificate. Apart from other usual documents, you will have to submit documents affirming your caste. For this you can submit extract of your father or grandfather’s Primary School Register or primary school leaving certificate of your father.

If the school does not agree to change the caste in leaving certificate on the basis of your caste certificate, you can file a civil miscellaneous application before the Taluka/District Court under section 34 of the Specific Relief Act, 1963 seeing legal declaration that the caste mentioned in your school leaving certificate be changed to JAIN.

Your caste mentioned in the school certificate can be amended to read as JAIN instead of HINDU – MARWADI TODARWAL. Make the School Principal as the respondent in such case.

Reference: Section. 34, Specific Relief Act, 1963



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