How to complaint against child marriage?


“What Steps you are taking in case you see a child being pressured through mother and father to marry
The first step ought to be to speak to her mother and father and lead them to recognize that child marriage is inaccurate and should now no longer be promoted. Make them recognize that it’s illegal in India to pressure a child to marry and criminal steps may be taken against them.
If they do not heed after which additionally pressure the kid to marry then,

Then you should contact nearby police of the metropolis and file a written complaint towards the mother and father for forcing a child for marriage. Any individual can report a incidence of child marriage earlier than or after it’s been solemnised. An instant report has to be made to the Police, the Child Marriage Prohibition Officer or such people as can be appointed to help him/her, first Class Judicial Magistrate or Metropolitan Magistrate.

You may even reach out to the District Child Welfare Committee (CWC) via the child helpline 1098 which operates throughout India.
Talking about maintenance and Custody of the child. The prohibition of child marriage Act, 2006 offers protection and custody in line with sections:

Section 16(3)(g): The Act is empowered to offer help and all feasible resource consisting of medical and legal resources to youngsters laid low with child marriages.
Section 4(1): The person’s husband ought to pay protection to the minor female till her re-marriage. In case the husband is a minor at the time of marriage, his parent can pay protection.
Sections 5 and 6: Children born from a child marriage are entitled to custody and protection due to the fact the regulation considers such youngsters valid for all functions even after the wedding has been annulled.
Section 7: A District Court is empowered to add to, modify or revoke any order referring to protection and custody of youngsters born from a child marriage.”

Reference: The Child Marriage Restraint Act,1929 – – AHG130 – 202100580 – 63 – 64 – 202100135202100422942


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