How to check the status of case to know whether the chargesheet has been filed or not?


“Regarding the difficulty said above through you, I would really like to attract in your interest that you could test the reputation of your rate sheet with the assist of the Investigation Officer withinside the police station.

He will let you know whether or not it’s miles filed and what kind of time will it take, you could coordinate with him because you are the complainant and you’ve got the proper to facts in any other case you could test on District Court’s webweb page too.

If you are the accused the courtroom docket will summon you, for this reason you want now no longer worry. You can ask your legal professional to test on it.

If you are a 3rd birthday birthday celebration who desires to accumulate facts then you could report an utility beneathneath the Right To Information Act (RTI) Act that is your felony proper.

Another opportunity is that you could test from the worried district courtroom docket’s internet site.

Following are the legal guidelines relevant to your case:-

Right To Information Act. To test police clearance sheet on-line is thru on-line internet site of Government of India referred to

To test the web reputation of the rate sheet in district courtroom docket the web webweb page is To test the web reputation of rate sheet in High Court is

Reference:  – – AHG190 – 202100553 – 101 – 129 – 2021000120210007175


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