How to change wrongly updated caste name in Transfer certificate?


You need to contact the school/college board.

Or you can simply change it by following a simple procedure in the lower court itself.

You will have to get all related documents along with affidavit etc.

If this doesn not help, then you will have to file a suit for declaration and mandatory injunction against the State Govt., represented by Dist., commissioner and Deputy Director of Public instructions.

Before filing the suit 60 days legal notice under Section 80 of the Civil Procedure code will have to be issued to the above said, after 60 days you can file a suit.

The power is given to tashildar to change the caste name by filing petition.

If the same is not accepted then you will have to file a declaration suit before city court stating or declaring that you belong to agamudi mudaliyar caste.

The process might take minimum six months.

And if there are no errors of details in your 10th standard mark sheet, then the mistake in your Transfer Certificate is an error made by the school itself, so please approach your school with a formal letter written to the Principal of the school requesting to issue a proper Transfer Certificate, and attach your 10th Certificate (marksheet) with the correct details.

Your school records will have the right details, and since your 10th certificate (marksheet) is correct, this will help the school issue another proper transfer certificate.

If there is an issue in both the 10th Certificate and Transfer Certificate, you will have to get an original caste certificate from the village office/tehsildar with your correct caste name mentioned in it.

Again, write a formal letter to the head of the school, and attach the original Caste Certificate along with it.

The school will proceed to do the needed, after that.

Reference: Section 80 of the Civil Procedure



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