How to change father’s name in Aadhaar card?


There are two ways to have your father’s name updated or corrected in your Aadhaar card offline. You may have a question of how to change father name in Aadhaar card online. Well, now UIDAI does not have the facility to do this activity onine. The only option is to update or change your father’s name offline and the two methods of doing so are updating name via post or via enrollment centre.

The most convenient way to update your father’s name in your Aadhaar card is way of post. You just need to fill up an Aadhaar correction form and send it via post to the UIDAI office together with the supporting documents. You woudl first have to download the form from the official website and fill in the form correctly and attach any proof of identity then post the form and other documents. You will get an acknowledgement once the form is received by UIDAI.

Then UIDAI makes necessary update or correction in your father’s name and you will receive the second acknowledgement confirming that the request has been processed. The second option is through an enrollment centre where the form needs to be submitted to the respective officer in the enrollment centre and he will provide you with the acknowledgement.

Reference: Article 19(1)(a) of The Indian Constitution



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