How to change DOB on 10th and 12yh marksheet of Rajasthan board?


You have to file a Suit for Declaration in the Civil Court seeking that your actual date of Birth was misspelt under some wrong notions. Court will issue the declaration after verification through evidence and will issue directions to the RBSE to rectify the date of Birth. Time frame cannot be spelled out as Courts will start Working now. Since you are going to be a Plaintiff yourself it requires your total involvement in the case. Please give me Rank Five and follow me after reviewing my resume and book a consultation for further discussion and explanation if required.
You may proceed with a affidavit and related documents along with the application to Rajasthan board. They will definitely help for this. You may personally visit the board office at ajmer for faster processing.
You dont need to change your latest name in the educational certificates and it will not possible as well.

Since you have already changed your name through gazette notification, you can apply for changing your name in the other documents viz., Electoral photo identity card, Adhaar card, PAN Card passport etc., through normal procedures meant for them respectively. The gazette copy notifying the change in your name shall be a valid document to travel abroad with your original passport hence always carry an authentic copy of the gazette publication with you while travelling abroad.

Reference: Rajasthan board.



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