How to change caste from BC to OC?


You can apply to your Tehsildar office for caste change, but you will have to provide solid reason and supporting documents such as proof of caste (caste certificate of your parents), name and address proof etc.

You can apply either by online by offline mode. For online application, you can visit the government website.

Section 209 of the Indian Penal Code penalizes dishonestly making false claims in a court by imprisonment up to two years and fine. The requirements are that the accused made a claim in a Court of Justice, the claim was false either entirely or in part, and that the claim was made dishonestly, fraudulently, or with the intention to injure or to annoy another person.

Under Section, a litigant makes a ÒclaimÓ in a Court of Justice when he applies seeking relief or remedy from the court, and the offence is committed the moment the false claim is filed before the Court.

Section 192 of the Indian Penal Code provides definition of Òfalse evidenceÓ. If a person causes circumstances or makes any false entry in any book or record or any document which contains a false statement, with the intention that such false statement appears as evidence in a judicial proceeding, and that false entry appearing as evidence may cause anyone involved in the proceeding to form an opinion of the evidence, is said to have fabricated false evidence.

A person who gives false evidence in court can face up to 7 years and also fine, and where the person has given false evidence outside the court can get imprisonment up to 3 years and fine.

Reference: Section 192, 209 of the Indian Penal Code – 202100314-20210043-10998 –


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