How to change adress in caste certificate?


As per law you have to swear an affidavit for change of address, as caste certificate is permanent and if the authority gives you fresh certificate you could opt-out but if not given and same to be continued you can put an affidavit for change of address along with caste certificate.

For doing the same for address change you need to make an affidavit from the first class judicial magistrate so that you can change all your addresses in each and every document that concerns you, it will help you henceforth.

Caste certificates allow a person from the reserved category to claim reservation in government jobs and facilitate job promotions at the state level as well. It is mainly beneficial for people belonging to the Scheduled Caste [SC], Scheduled Tribes [ST] and Other Backward Classes [OBC]. Another added benefit is that students can avail scholarships, admission at school, college or university level. Moreover, it also helps the reserved category to avail different benefit schemes forwarded by the Central Government, the State Government and different NGOs in the field.

In order to obtain a caste certificate in the state of Maharashtra, the following documents are required to be produced in originals and submitted in copies.

Filled in application form
2. Residence proof (any one)

DriverÕs license
PAN card
Or any other Govt-issued ID card
3. Any address proof

Aadhaar card
VoterÕs ID
Water bill
Electricity bill
Telephone bill
Ration card
Property tax receipt
4. Passport size photo

5. Other documents that may be asked for are:

Proof in support of the relevant caste
ApplicantÕs birth certificate or birth certificate of father or relatives
Proof of primary school admission and school leaving certificate
Copies of revenue records or village panchayat
Affidavit Caste Certificate for ST Caste (Form-A-1)
Evidence of the applicant original village/town
Extract of govt service records mentioning the applicantÕs father or relative, if applicable

Reference: section 13 of caste certificate act



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