How much court fees will be required in maharashtra for granting the succession certificate?


“According to my view The first step for the relevant beneficiary would be to file for a succession certificates within the court where the the person who died has his jurisdiction so as to inherit the property of the deceased or maybe get them transferred to himself.

The certificate essentially proves the authenticity of the petitioner and further offers him the authority to have the property transferred. Along with authority, the beneficiary may even deliver with him the overall obligation and legal responsibility of honouring any debt or security attached to that specific assets.

For applications made through a recipient to a court with suitable jurisdiction, the certificate issued is said to be in line with the relevant legal guidelines of inheritance.

Required Documents to attain succession certificatesare death certificate of the dead individual, time and location of dying, the name of all legal heirs and relation with the passed away person.

For succession certificates, 3 percent of general cost of the assets can be charged. Rs.2 for a stamp and Rs. 20 for stamp paper for the affidavit can be required.

To attain succession certificates, a petition to the District Judge with competent jurisdiction, if at that point he had no constant location of residence, the District Judge with whose jurisdiction any a part of the assets of the deceased can be found.”

Reference: The law governing the case is Indian Succession Act, is a document that gives authority to the person who obtains it, to represent the deceased for the purpose of collecting debts and securities due to him or payable in his name.
Usually, a succession certificate is the key in the absence of a will, a succession certificate will be the primary document through which the heirs can stake a claim to the assets of a deceased relative For a succession certificate, one should need to apply to a magistrate or a high court. Usually, courts have a separate cell that issues succession certificates.
When it comes to immovable property , there are other documents, like, for instance, a gift deed, that can help. – – AHG195 – 202100580 – 104 – 155- 20210022320210021597


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