How long can a company hold FnF? What to when Employer not releasing relieving fnf ,dues? What if company is not paying FNF? How do I give legal notice for non payment of salary to employer? What if employee does not pay full & final settlement?


The employer has cleverly tricked you into buying out your notice period and therefore seeks the right to retain you salary; If you gave no formal communication to buy out the notice period then you are not bound by it; Send a legal notice to him; Also ask for compensation or you will take further legal action;Consult a local lawyer and send a legal notice as first step; Most probably you will not feel the need to approach the labour court.Approach your local Labour Office.

File a complaint in the local police station along with all relevant document copies.Ensure you don’t have any incomplete formalities with them. If you are clear from your side, there should be no delay.It’s a standard process to neglect the pleas of the exemployees even with corporate giants like EY, KPMG, Deloitte etc. I have experienced the same. They will give the excuse of hierarchy.lternatively, escalate it to the highest level possible. When it comes from top management, they will be behind you to get it done.

So, if you have it mentioned in your offer letter that your FNF would be released in the next 45 days and still you’re waiting for it, please do get in touch with your company HR( through phone calls, emails or personally meeting them). Get an explanation from them first, because thats the way to follow the procedure correctly. If you do not get a satisfactory response, then please get a lawyer getting this thing worked out for you. A notice would be served to the company HR and Operations asking for an explanation and definitely your FNF would be released.

Reference: File a complaint in the local police station along with all relevant document copies. – 202100499-20210033-883



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