How Is it possible for my School to deny giving me my admit card for boards? What rights do college students have? What are the legal rights of students? What happens if you don’t give pre-boards? What laws protect college students? How What laws protect college students? Which right is denied to the student? What Do students have constitutional rights? How Are board exams Cancelled in 2021 in india ? How Can a college deny you?


The order follows several complaints from parents of children in private schools about them being forced to pay the entire fees before a child is allowed to take his or her exam. In some cases, parents of private school students offered to pay the fees in installments but were allegedly asked to foot the entire amount before the start of exams.Your query needs some clarifications. Where were u studying n conduct of cource.

I dnt think that there is a genuine cource without a suppli or second chance to prove her capability. Please add more details. N also the place f studying n cource hopefully the college.For detail we need to know which college , courses , details in prospectus, affiliated to which university. But for every candidate supplementary exam is the right and you had to get in touch with the concerned university registrar.Admit cards for any board exam is issued by the concerned council of Board to which you are enrolled (via your school).

So if your school is denying you the admit card asking you not to appear for your boards this year because you have failed to pass in their pre-boards exam then they can’t do the same. If they still goes on to deny you the admit card you can straight away write it to CBSE Council main office asking them to issue your admit card in duplicate as your school has failed to give you.

Reference: No student can be denied SSLC exam hall ticket over non-payment of fees: – 202100499-20210043-11065



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