How does a company determine if the pay slip of my previous company is genuine? How can I get my old salary slip online? How do I get a payslip from a previous employer?


You can drop an email to the company. They can reply to you within 24 hours. You have to mention your Infosys employee ID. It will be easy for them to track your records.

They will assist with all types of documents for previous employees, such as relieving letters, hike letters, and payslips. If you have been released and you do not have the payslip, you can approach the payroll department of your previous employer and send them an email asking for payslips. They would easily send that to you. In case you need any help in contacting them, you may check with your HR or else ask your previous colleagues to check this within the company and help you out in contacting the concerned department.

Nowadays, companies give soft copies of the payslips which you can print and keep with you. It should come to you either in email or possibly on the companyÕs intranet portal. If it is only with HR, then you would need to know the companyÕs policies to obtain the pay slips.

Reference: They will assist all type of documents for previous employees such as relieving letter, hike letters and payslips. – 202100499-20210041-10710



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