How do you fight the interim maintenance case? What happens if I don’t pay interim maintenance? How Can interim maintenance be challenged? How do you escape a maintenance case? How do I beat 125 CRPC? How Can wife ask for maintenance without divorce? What happens if my husband denies to pay maintenance? What happens if you fail to pay maintenance? How Can a working wife claim maintenance? How long can an interim order last? How Is CrPC 125 a criminal case? How Can you appeal interim order? How is interim maintenance calculated?


You may file a execution petition against him under section 125 ( 3 ) crpc before court for maintenance. If he is not making the payment within the time as per order then the court have power to issue arrest warrant against him and send him behind the bar till the payment or one month for every non can tell to respective to court to pay you maintenance amount as per order or Else if still not giving you a single penny ask court through lawyer to issue warrant against your husband.if not you can file writ petition in high court for directing a lower to pay you a maintenance amount.

I can tell you such procedure which will compel your Husband to pay Maintenance to you & your Minor Son, otherwise, he’ll get arrested, that is what I can assure you of. And, to defend his arrest as such, he’ll surely sit with you on negotiating table to grant maintenance to you.

But, then too, you’ll be in such a positiion, where he’ll finally bow down to your can file a divorce petition on the ground of cruelty as far as 498/a and petition under 125 of the Criminal Procedure Code you have to contest the case. 2. As far as 498/a case it is difficult to prove the case and all most all cases are end with acquittal.

Reference: IPC – 202100499-20210043-1418



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