How do I recieve my stolen phone from the court?


Superdari is handing over custody of something to a person till next orders. By way of this bond, the person receiving the vehicle gives an undertaking on his behalf or on behalf of the person who has authorised him , to produce the vehicle before the police or Court, as and when so required.

The word which has been used in the Criminal Procedural law. to cater for the concept of superdari is ÒInterim disposalÓ. Disposal of. any seized property under the provision of Cr. P.C. may be either interim or final.

Any property involved or concerned in a criminal case comes under the concerned CourtÕs powers. Stolen phone also comes under this power of the court. You will have to file an application before the court praying for return of the property/phone, Superdari Bond .

The Court orders release of the phone on usual terms and conditions. The Police station will handover the phone to you on executing a Bond, of around value of the Phone, to produce it as and when required by the Police and or the Court.

Bond has to be executed before the concerned magistrate by putting up the matter . Once the magistrate allows it you can collect it from the concerned police station upon signing and submitting the receipt for the same.

Reference: Section 451 of the Code of Criminal Procedure Act, 1973 enables a Magistrate to provide for interim custody. The object of the Court that any property which is in the control of the Court either directly or indirectly should be disposed off by the Court under just and proper order regarding its disposal.



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