How do I get separated from my parents legally in India? How How can I legally get away from my parents? How can I disown my father legally in India? How Can I legally disown my parents in India? How do I cut my relationship with my dad? How Can I legally separate from my father? How do I get rid of my family? How do I legally disown myself from my father’s property? How do u divorce your parents? How Can a daughter disowned her father? What are the signs of a bad father? How do you end a toxic relationship with a parent?


See if the property is in your name and your mother’s name then none except you too have a right over the property and the same can be managed by you the way you want and legally your cannot press to maintain him but you have an obligation to give him at least abasic maintenance so you can give him an alternate accommodation where he can live and maintain himself.

Your mother should immediately file domestic violence case against your father and write a letter to police for not helping her and a court has said whatever be the age a person who has committed a crime should be punished.You can obviously arrange for a separate accommodation for your mother by selling the flat, only if it is registered in her name.

Your mother can file a criminal case under domestic violence act against your father, if she is willing to. Sometimes, to prevent violence, drastic measures are required to be taken.Going to court and filling an application stating that you disown your parents and that you will not be responsible for any third party who do any sort of transaction with them.Most people in Indian romanticize idea of parents and their love without realizing that not all parents are good; some can be mentally or emotionally or physically abusive. Dont let them bully or belittle you

Reference: But as per the legal opinion in India the Disowning of parents is illegal in India – 202100499-20210043-4805



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