How do I file a harassment case against my husband? How do I file a case against inlaws? How Can husband file case against in laws? What all cases can a wife file against husband? What is mental harassment by husband? How Can a husband complaint Against Wife? What is mental harassment by in laws? How do I prove my husband is mentally harassed? How do I file a complaint against harassment? How Can a husband File mental harassment case against wife? How do I take legal action against my husband? What are the rights of husband and wife? How Can husband filed defamation case against wife? What are the 3 types of harassment?


You may make a complaind under 12 of Domestic Violence Act to the nearest Police Station and under section 498 A of Indian Penal Code against her in laws. You should leave the house with you child and lodge FIR against husband and in-laws for dowry harassment and domestic violence.they register your complain under section 498 domestic violance act, if police can not tace complain then u can go directly family court or civil court and file your complain on court. court will see your case and appoint a investigation officer.You should file A police complaint against the mother in law under section 406 ipc in the police station nearest your in laws house..

The police on your complaint can help you to get your articles by speaking to your in laws.Yes, there can be a criminal case for husband and mother in law. 3. You have to go to the Police to file a FIR. If they reject to file the FIR then Section 156(3) under CRPC allows you to file the case.The wife can file a complaint against husband under Section 498A, IPC, The Hindu Marriage Act, 195 and the Domestic Violence Act, 2005.

Mental Harassment or Emotional Abuse is any kind of non-physical attitude or behaviour that intimidates, controls, sub judicates, punishes, demeans, or isolates another person by way of humiliation, fear or degradation. Cheating by spouse or mental torture for dowry

Reference: under 12 of Domestic Violence Act – 202100499-20210043-5574



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