How do I ask my new employer to extend my joining date for a week because my current employer asked me to stay one more week after the notice period? How do I ask HR to postpone the joining date? How Can I ask to extend my notice period? How do you ask for an extension on a date? How Can company Force employee to extend notice period?


service conditions will prevail to service bond. if they have not replied your request; it means and presume that they have accepted your request. you have to send a mail or written application for allowed to join me. if they denied to join you in this circumstances you are not liable to training fee..Therefore, I would request you to delay my joining date and I am absolutely positive about starting with you from the 1st of July. I hope you would allow me to finish my commitment to the current employer and let me join your company on 1st July.

The simplest response here would be to tell your current employer Òno.Ó But this is actually a great opportunity for you to practice your negotiation skills and potentially score kudos with both outgoing and incoming companies, provided you handle it correctly. I would do as follows:

I have a small personal dilemma and wanted to engage you on how to handle it. As IÕm wrapping things up here, thereÕs a specific project that my management is hoping I can complete, but which would require me to stay on an extra week. They are asking what would be your ability to move my start date back. While I donÕt know what your exact needs are, IÕm ready to move. IÕm also reluctantly inclined to help them out, depending on what the impact is to you and the rest of the team.

Reference: The simplest response here would be to tell your current employer Òno. – 202100499-20210041-11458



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