How can we want to take a loan through profile funding in real estate a financier is suggesting me to go for profile funding through real estate around 2 lakh of credit cards?


The builder may ask the homebuyer to shop for in his project where the client provides funding to the builder on his financial eligibility and therefore the homeowner might not be asked to take a position any money at the beginning because the builders earn finished their profile to urge huge funds in their account at a lower rate and also the terms of such agreements vary from case to case and Property available Manchester. nowadays such builder frauds became quite common and plenty of innocent buyers are unable to spot that the builders are making false promises and hamilton estates and therefore the builder needs to pay regular EMIs on the loans to forestall a avoidance but in certain cases, the builder fails to pay the EMIs for the loan taken on homebuyerÕs credentials.

There are many such cases where homebuyers are cheated by the builders. in a very sizable amount of such cases, fraudulent registration of already mortgaged property and misrepresentation by seller and therefore the mortgagor are often seen Hamilton property market and therefore the buyer is using his loan eligibility to fund the builder and therefore the builder gets money for his unsold property at a lower rate of interest and once builder finds a real buyer and he should return the loan of the profile funder.

Reference: Section 20 of Banking Regulation Act, 1949 (B.R. Act, 1949) prohibits banks from granting any loan or advance to any of its Directors and the loan for constructing/acquiring a house for personal use – 202100482-20210041-930



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