How can we proceed when there is illegal bakery in residential area causing problems for the residents?


If you file complaining police and the officials are not taking any action then you can find a complaint and Pollution Control Board of your region. The bakery is causing unnecessary pollution and you can stay the reason and submit an application to the pollution control board. You can file case of public nuisance under section 268 of Indian Penal Code to make your case more stronger. The people of the residential area have to sign the application for the same that day all are been disturbed and annoyed by the sound and pollution caused by the bakery.

The bakery cannot install machinery for any purpose because bakery comes under shop and use of big machinery where diesel is used and produce smell it is allowed in a factory and not in a shop. Is the bakery wants to keep on using the machinery then it has to register andar the factories act.
As the complaint is filed and it is mentioned that the factory do not have proper licence also do not have proper food licence which can ensure that the food or bakery items are safe, this is the civil case as they are not going or working according to the guidelines provided by the government.

The pollution board can inspect the shop and take actions against them for a illegally setting up bakery and installing machinery which is used in factory.

Reference: Section 268 of Indian Penal Code
Shop and Establishment Act-India



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