How Can we file a FIR for a person not returning my money in India? What legal actions can be taken against any person (in India) who is not returning the lent money? How do you recover money from someone? How do you draft a legal notice for money recovery? How can I recover money without proof? How do I recover money from debtors? How Can I file FIR if someone is not returning my money? What can I do if someone owes me money and refuses to pay? How Is legal notice mandatory in recovery suit? What is legal notice for money recovery? What if legal notice is not accepted? How do I take legal action for a non payment of invoice?


You can file a police complaint against him. or you can send him a legal notice. If he get agreed to pay you the amount then it is OK. otherwise you don’t have any option other than going for a police complaint or file a private complaint at is not a safe idea to recover your money without lodging complain..It is bettter that you lodge complain with your local police station.You have to submit all documents to police.You have to take help of police since it is case for long years

.Before going to police consult lawyer for more discussion.You have every right to inform the local authorities regarding threat and harrassment. Also a suit for recovery of money should be complied with atleast till notice stage should be consulted with. Without going into further details i cannot advice further.On the face of the question, it appears that the person who is not returning your money has borrowed it from you. If that is the case no FIR is possible as it becomes a civil matter.

Then there can be some instances which can turn the issue into lodging of an FIR.You have given him the money on his assurance that he would get you a job by using his connections in the Department/Company. That would amount to an offence of cheating u/s 420 IPC. FIR can be lodged. Any other such instance wherein the person fraudulently induces you to part with your money becomes an offence of cheating.You gave that money for safe custody while you were away on pilgrimage or something like that .

Reference: You can file a police complaint against him. or you can send him a legal notice. – 202100499-20210041-17922



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