How Can the name of the biological parent’s be changed on the birth certificate of the adopted child?


For getting the name of the biological parents replaced with the adopted father’s name in the birth certificate, you should approach the court of law to declare the adoption deed as valid and seek direction to the registrar of births and deaths to make an amendment in the registrar of births and deaths by replacing the adopted father’s name from that of the biological father’s name in respect of the child’s birth register details.

After a baby is born, a birth certificate is issued. The original birth certificate will include specific information, such as the place and time of birth, the babyÕs length and weight at birth, and the biological parentsÕ names. After a child is adopted, a new Òamended birth certificateÓ will be issued. Instead of the biological parentsÕ names, the new birth certificate will have the names of the adoptive parents. The amended birth certificate will also include the childÕs new name, if their name is being changed. The amending of the birth certificate is generally part of the adoption process. After the judge has approved the adoption application, and the process is finalized, the state will issue a new birth certificate. It may take some time for the new birth certificate to be issued, potentially up to a year. If there is a compelling reason that you need the birth certificate sooner, a judge may be able to help you speed up the process.

Reference: The law governing the case is the Hindu adoption and maintenance act 1956. Section 6 of The Hindu Adoption and Maintenance Act, 1956 deal with it, these requisites are-
1) Adoptive father and mother must have the capacity and right to do so.
2) Person who is giving a child in adoption must have the capacity to do so.
3) Person who is giving in adoption must capable for being taken in adoption.
and section 14 of Registration of birth and death act 1969



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