How can one open a hookah parlour in mumbai and whatare the legal rpocedre to be followed ?


“In the existing case, the purchaser desires to understand a way to open hookah parlour in Mumbai and what are legal procedures to accompanied to begin one.

The Cigarettes and different Tobacco merchandise Act, 2003 offers with tactics associated with beginning of Hookah parlours in India and the purchaser has to observe the provisions of the this act to correctly open a Hookah parlour in Mumbai

Generally, smoking in open locations are strictly prohibited through the Indian laws, however as in keeping with the Cigarettes and different Tobacco merchandise Act, 2003 smoking is allowed in a restaurant which has a capability of 30 men and women or extra where a separate smoking area may be made in particular for this motive.

As in keeping with the regulations of this act, if one desires to open a eating place for the only motive of smoking Hookah, the equal should not be near academic institutions and ought to be atleast a hundred yards away from a school.

The purchaser ought to first get the license below the Bombay Municipal Corporation Act from the Municipal Corporation of Mumbai and additionally desires to get registered below the Bombay Shops & Establishment Act.

Further, a no objection certificates from the hearthplace branch and a registration and license below Bombay Police Act is likewise necessary.

Moreover, the Excise and VAT registration is likewise necessary.”

Reference: The Cigarettes and other Tobacco products Act, 2003 deals with procedures related to opening of Hookah parlours in India. – – AHG273 – 202100553 – 145 – 143 – 202100353-20210042-22609


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