How can one change name in the school leaving certificate after it has been changed in the official gazette?

A person changed his name. Upon birth of his daughter, to get Birth certificate of the daughter the municipal authorities require school leaving certificate of the father. However, the certificate has the old name.


As per your query , since the name has already been changed with proper legal procedure by changing the name in the gazette. You must have received the certificate for change of name. To change your name in the educational certificates, you need to contact the concerned authorities (For eg. Maharashtra Board or Delhi University) depending on your degree and you need to provide the copies of the affidavit, news paper advertisements, updated copies of ID proof and publication in the official gazette of India along with a request letter stating that you have officially changed your name and you would now require duplicate certificates with the new name and the previous educational certificates may now be cancelled by the concerned authotities. It would be helpful to visit the college administration office personally. Once you submit the documents ascertaining the change of name, then itÕs only a matter of time before it gets incorporated in your educational certificate. Once the same gets changed in the educational certificate then you can send it to the school authorities with necessary documents given to gazette.

If the school authorities refuse to provide another school leaving certificate , then you can submit the said certificate to the Nasik Municipal Corporation (NMC) along with a letter that you have officially changed the name and all the documents such as news paper advertisement , affidavit and all other documents which were submitted to the authorities.

Reference: No specific law



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