How can muslim man marry father’s sister’s daughter’s daughter?


In my view With reference to your post regarding to marry first cousin. Since it is not prohibited relationship for marriage as per Satish or Islamic law. So they can marry that relatonship I hope clarifies the position. Under Muslim law, on account of consanguinity one cannot marry one’s mother or grandmother how high soever, one’s daughter or grand-daughter how low soever, one’s sister, full consanguine or uterine, one’s niece or grand-niece how low soever, or one’s paternal or maternal aunt or great-aunt how high soever.

Under Islamic law, this is considered a highly prestigious form of marriage. There is even an ancient Arabian custom (not Islamic law, but a pre-Islamic custom) that a girl cannot marry outside her family until every one of her father’s brothers’ sons has refused his right to claim her.There is an example of the exact relationship you have described in Muhammad’s own family. Ali’s father was Abu Talib; Abu Talib’s brother was Abdullah; Abdullah’s son was Muhammad; and Muhammad’s daughter was Fatima, who became the wife of Ali. Ali and Fatima are often exemplified as the ideal couple in Islam.There are biological reasons why you should not marry your first cousin once removed. Please, at the very least, seek genetic counselling and ask for all the tests before you do this. But your stated question was only about the legal aspect. Yes, under sharia, it is halal.

Reference: All the Muslims in India are governed by the Muslim Personal Law (Shariat) Application Act, 1937. This law deals with marriage, succession, inheritance and charities among Muslims.These laws are not applicable in Goa state, where the Goa Civil Code is applicable for all persons irrespective of religion.



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