How can i leave my job without serving notice period?


You can issue a counter-notice as well as a defamation notice to the firm for the false statement they made. The medical field has always been an outlier. They will not be able to extort money from you. You can quit your job without paying your notice period, but your present employer will refuse to give you any references or even an experience letter, as well as your EPF and other business money, as your manager has said at your risk. There is a crucial update for paid workers who want to leave their positions without completing the required notice period.

He/she shall be obligated to pay for the remaining days or time if he/she is unable to serve the notice period or works less than the stated duration in the employment letter.

Apart from that, if you do not provide notice to your employer, the company may withhold your income or even your release letter, and in many situations, declare you abscond if you do not notify them at all. The primary issue may occur during the verification process, since no company wants to deal with a sloppy and unprofessional employee!

The firm cannot compel you to fulfill the notice period; it can only ask you to pay for it according to the terms of the contract. There is nothing the corporation can do to keep you or any legal action they can take to compensate you. If you don’t want an experience letter and your new position is secure without one, go ahead and start the new job, but make sure you submit your resignation letter with the appropriate date.

Reference:  – – AHG166 – 202100581 – 85 – 81 – 20210012820210033435


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