How can I buy agricultural land in Haryana, India ?


While purchasing agricultural land in India, one has to validate that there is no dispute and the registration process has to be hassle-free. Methods for purchasing agricultural land vary from state to state.

Below is a list of the most common documents that should be examined before purchasing land in India.

1.Title Deed of the plot
The title of the property shows the name of the seller and also checks whether the seller has the full right to sell the land.
2.Agreement for sale
Under a lawyer, the seller, and buyer drafts and signs a written agreement after verification of all the documents that state the cost, advance payment made and the time or period of the sale, etc.
3.Stamp duty on the land
The payment of stamp duty is a legal instrument and can be accepted as evidence in court.
4.Registration of the land
House tax receipts, an original title deed, and previous deeds in the presence of two witnesses are mandatory at the time of registration.
5.Conveyance deed/Sale deed of the land
The sale deed is a document transferring the name from the seller to the buyer. In this document, you will find ownership of property, location of the property, and information such as area measurements, boundary information, etc.
6.Tax receipts and bills
The buyer should check the latest property tax paid bills and can ask for the same in the municipal offices.
7.Changing the title of the land
Once entire legal procedures are completed, the name of the new owner of the property is added to the Village Office records. An application with a copy of the registered deed can be made to the village office.
8.Encumbrance Certificate
This document can be obtained from the sub-registrar’s office and is valid proof that indicates that the land has no legal obligations or complaints.
9.Measuring the land
A recognized surveyor can ensure that the measurement of land and its boundaries are accurate and as indicated in the title certificate.




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