How can I apply for the court certified untraceable report of the stolen car?


In my view You can ask your lawyer to apply for the certified copy of the report from the court for you. In case you being have not hired any lawyer ,you may contact us, we will assist you in procuring the same from the court. Do let us know the details of the case. You would have to take a form for Criminal Certified Application Form to the concerned court,which you can determine by the Police Station where you registered your FIR. Fill in your details of your FIR etc and about the document required by you which is the Untrace Report. Get the same application allowed from court and apply the application at the certified copy counter of the court by paying the nominal fees. You will receive the copy after few days of applying.

There is no such thing as untrace report in CrPC. This may be a term coined in certain areas and has no legal significance. If a vehicle theft is registered it is investigated like any other offence. If it is unsuccessful, a final report is sent. There is no period prescribed for it. It can be reopened at any time subject to limitation in the Act. No it is not system generated

Reference: The law governing the Section 378 of the IPC defines theft as, ÒWhoever, intending to take dishonestly any movable property out of the possession of any person without that person’s consent, moves that property to such taking, is said to commit theftÓ.



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