How can Complaint Against Commercial Activity In Residential Area? How is residential property used in commercial activity? How do you stop a factory in residential area? What is the difference between commercial property and residential property? Why are factories not set up in the residential areas? How Can residential property be used as commercial in Bangalore?


Kindly Complain to the police station and mark the same to the district magistrate to stop the nuisance under the environmental protection act and Noise Pollution (Regulation and Control) Rules. The police shall take action in accordance with the law. If there is any negligence on the part of the police, then the District Magistrate and SP can be approached. The State Pollution Control Board can be approached too, but they have to address the complaint within a fixed time period. This neighbor of yours is causing a public nuisance.

Report this matter to the police and seek redress from them. Alternatively, you can approach the court and seek a stay against your neighbor, restraining him from further continuing with this activity, which is a cause of disturbance for everyone in the vicinity. You may file a complaint for public nuisance under section 269 of the IPC and under section 278 for making the atmosphere noxious to health in general in public dwellings in the nearby area. A common inconvenience is not justified by the fact that it causes convenience or advantage.

Such an operation is illegal and should not take place in residential premises. Write to the municipal authorities to take measures to stop these activities. If the authorities do not listen, move a petition before the HC as your right to life and personal liberty are being hampered by this nuisance. Also, you may lodge an FIR for creating a public nuisance.

Reference: You may file a complaint for the public nuisance under section 269 of IPC and under section 278 – 202100499-20210041-2270



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