How can change mother’s name in CBSE certificate if it is wrongly mentioned after man years?

The mother’s name on CBSE marksheet has been wrongly mentioned as Sudha Kumari instead of Sudha Devi. What can one do to change the same after many years?


As per your query, it is not very important to change the name in the marksheet if your name and your father’s name is mentioned correctly. Your job application or further studies will not be affected by such an error.

However, if for any other purposes such as VISA application or other such reasons you need to change your name then after 8 years it will be a little difficult to do so, however, you must approach the said authorities i.e. in this case the CBSE board and submit a request letter to issue a duplicate certificate along with other documents such as affidavit mentioning that your mother’s name is wrongly mentioned as Sudha Kumari and the name is Sudhar Devi and also submit your birth certificate mentioning the same. It is important to note that an affidavit is treated as ÒevidenceÓ within the meaning of Section 3 of The Evidence Act.

Upon verification, if the CBSE board is convinced with the same then a duplicate marksheet will be issued to you. If however, in your entire academics record the name is mentioned as Sudha Kumari, then the board may reject your application based on that. Thus, it is advisable to first gather all your documents and self verify it before proceeding further.

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