How can a general category person buy a SC ST’s land?


“First of all, it relies upon on which state you belong, due to the fact in Orissa there are local laws 1) is Orissa Land Prevention act and 2) is Regulation II 1956 ( that is completely for Scheduled regions Orissa Land Prevention act is for each SC and ST communities- you need to obtain earlier permission from the able Revenue Authority and after acquiring permission you should purchase the land of SC and ST individuals in non scheduled regions. Similarly, in Scheduled regions that permission is banned for Sale of Tribal lands to non- Tribals but you may gain earlier permission SC lands even scheduled regions for purchase. The similar law is likewise prevailing in A.P

If the land was originally sold via way of means of the SC/ ST no problem for you to buy.

If the land turned into given to SC/ ST below D form via way of means of the Government , the following are the rules.

1) As consistent with the D form assignment Clause Ð 13, “the property can’t be bought inside 10 years, even after 10 years, this property can’t be bought to different communities”.

2) As consistent with the D form assignment clause Ð 18, “if the property is assigned to Harijans, the same can not be sold to any other communities.”

Reference: Orissa Land Prevention act, clause 13, 18 – – AHG137 – 202100580 – 67 – 148- 2021001232021004217602


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