Hoe to register a Hakku Patra land in Bangalore?


Hakku Patra is a title deed to plot a land , which establishes ownership. It is issued by the Karnataka government to the beneficiaries of housing benefit schemes. The land on which the Hakku Patra is issued, is usually Government-owned land and there are some conditions attached to it. Some of the conditions, being illustrative only not exhaustive can apply to hakku Patra. The Hakku Patra is issued to persons of underprivileged sections of the society, such as the poor and slum-dwellers .

One of the conditions of the Hakku Patra is that it is to be issued in the name of a woman, except in the case of widowers, unmarried men, disabled men and members of the armed services. Under normal circumstances (such as those not covered by schemes like the aforementioned Ambedkar Rural Housing Scheme) the site cannot be pledged or transferred by the beneficiary for 20 years after receipt.The beneficiary can get a house constructed on the site by pledging to the Rajiv Gandhi Housing Corporation/Karnataka Housing Board or any other nationalized bank.Any house constructed on Hakku Patra land must be used for the beneficiaries residence and should not be rented out.

The registration of the Hakku Patra is free of cost to the beneficiary.The issuance of Hakku Patra is tied up with a number of Government schemes, as well as bound by many conditions. Therefore, it is advisable to seek the help of a competent property lawyer, when it comes to transactions of Hakku Patra plots, whether it is a question of inheritance or buying/selling of the plot.

Reference: Transfer of Land Act, 1882, Case Laws: T.G. Subramani v. State of Karnataka WP 2203/ 2016



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