Few years ago a FIR was lodged against me and the case is still pending in the court. I am a student. Is it possible that I can get admission in government universities?


Yes, if FIR is filed against a student it does affect student life and it gets worse if the conviction is proved against him.

Before joining any govt. organization some police verification has to be done.

So if FIR is filed against any student he will not be given clearance by the local police.

Same is the case with the passport.

Also in India if you are a govt employee and you are jailed for some reason then you are immediately expelled from your job without knowing the reason till all charges drops against you.

My advice from every student is to stay away from FIR as far as possible if you dream of class one officer govt. job.

If it is a mere complaint on conflict of personal interest ie. charges on using abusive language, harassing, molesting- doesn’t result to arrest without court investigation.

When you are seeking a admission in government institutes or job in government organizations, you would be asked to give self declaration during joining.

In this declaration, you need to mention if you have any legal case or FIR against you.

In that case you would not be given clearance by investigating team.

This is true for any government related official processing e.g. jobs, passport, etc.

If you get a government job and you are having a FIR, you would be put on hold. And then there would be cross verification in that respect.

If you are proven guilty of it, you would loose the job and prohibited and banned officially by GOI to join elsewhere also.

Reference: NA – 202100340-20210021-3105 –


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