Does younger brother have a right in elder brother’s property?


“If the assets are bought with the aid of using the elder brother via his very own price range younger brother can’t declare any share.No legally he can’t declare the assets, due to the fact in self received Brother has no legal right. But he isn’t capable of maintain himself. Then he may be entitle for share. let’s presume 3 opportunities here:

Ancestral assets i.e. your father received out of your grand father and so on- in this example your brother have identical proper in the assets of your’s.
2. Acquire assets thru will, present etc.- in this example your brother can mission validity of such present deed, will deed etc. By instituting a healthy earlier than the courtroom docket wherein the healthy assets is situated.

3. Self acquired/ earned assets( I anticipate that is your case)- in this sort of situation wherein you received or bought a assets from your money, your brother has no right on it and for this reason can’t claim it either. Only your legally wedded spouse and kids can claim in such sort of assets. If it is your brother’s self-received assets there may be no proper on the way to declare a proportion withinside the assets. In case he does now no longer have a own circle of relatives and isn’t married and if he dies with out writing a WILL, then you may have proper to assert over the assets.

I wish this solution will suffice your query.”

Reference:  – – AHG85 – 202100580 – 43 – 38 – 202100135202100242405


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