Does the minutes of a housing society in MH have to be written only in marathi language?


A minute is a record of the proceedings of a meeting of any Co-operative housing society duly kept in pursuance of the Maharashtra Co-operative Societies Act, 1960 and its Bye-laws.

Minutes contain intera alia a description of the type of meeting to which they relate, its date, day, month, time and venue, mention about the presons who attended the meeting concerned, confirmation of minutes of previous meeting as a result of practice, decisions taken process at the meeting, discussions that were held, also voting on the resolutions, etc.

The minutes of the society should be in Marathi, or English or in Hindi language.

The decision in this regard should be taken by the general body meeting.

There is no such law or bye-law which manadates the minutes of a housing society to be written in Marathi language only.

Hence, the minutes of a housing society can be written in either English, hindi or Marathi.

No, it is not true that in Maharashtra the minutes of meetings of a housing society have to be written only in Marathi and not in English.

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Reference: Maharashtra Co-operative Societies Act, 1960



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