DOES the IBPS come under the purview of the RTI act?

Can the IBPS be held answerable on the Rti query file for grounds of rejection of the candidaate as per the Provisos of RTI Act?


RTI act was passed in the year 2005 as a tool for participation of the citizens of the country by exercising their right to know about the functioning of the public athaurities under the government.

As per the provisons of RTI act, public athaurity means any athaurity which is constitued under constitution of indian or any provision of legislation for the time being in force,or as per the notifications of the appropriatge government from time to time.While deciding whhat is a public athaurity the control of the government over such athaurity and also the amount of financial aid given by the government to such athaurity is also taken into consideration.

In the case of Priyanka Tyagi vs Reserve Bank of India the Central Information comission came to the conclusion that IBPS is not a government athaurity within the ambit of rti act 2005 and also it is a body which does the outsouced work of the various banks like conducting exams interviews and applkication reviews etc.

However, the commision said that there needs to be some transperancy with regard to selection proces and there needs to be established a nodal athaurity which can answer all question as to the selection process after the exams by IBPS.

Reference: RTI ACT 2005



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