Does cheating on a girlfriend by her boyefriend attracts any knind of legal action under the law of of this country? Is cheating a girlfriend crime?

I and my girlfriend are not married. Want to know that cheating on girlfriend is a crime in India.


Under Indian law, there’s no unique statute that punishes the cheating on a partner in India. However, the Supreme Court of India in one in every of its landmark judgments had said that intercourse at the pretext of marriage could quantity to rape if the promise to marry isn’t fulfilled later.

If you probably did this to your female friend then, she will report an FIR withinside the nearest police station below section 375 (rape), 415 (cheating) and 506 (criminal intimidation) of the Indian Penal Code.

What takes place after an FIR has been registered:

Once your FIR is registered, the police will behavior an research primarily based totally at the FIR, which might also consist of arrests of the accused. After the investigation is entire the police could make a charge sheet which will be be submitted withinside the courtroom docket.

The charge sheet will mention whether or not a case is made out in opposition to the accused and if vast evidence concerning the same has been located withinside the research or not.

You also can report an in depth criminal complaint in opposition to the accused mentioning all of the information of the case.

It is suggested to have an skilled criminal legal professional with you for the duration of this step. He can manual you with the court manner and also can draft and report the criminal grievance in your behalf.

What takes place if the difficulty isn’t resolved well timed:
A criminal case in India is time-bound below the Limitation Act.

In case the criminal grievance isn’t filed inside an inexpensive time after the prevalence of the offence, the court won’t entertain your grievance except you’ve got got a legitimate reason and you can no longer even get a chance seek for justice.

Thus, it’s of extreme significance that well timed movement is taken to clear up the criminal difficulty and therefore, it’s really useful to take the assist of a great criminal legal professional that will help you thru your criminal case.

Reference: Indian Penal Code.1860:
Section 375
Section 415
Section 506 – 202100523-20210042-7184



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