Does a closed case affect getting a government job?


Your question is not very clear maam, however if you have been acquitted then you can definitely apply for the government job and even otherwise you can apply for the job declaring thereupon that such minor case is pending against you.

You are very much entitled to get a government job. Once a case is closed it should kot effect you. I have my doubts even if a case was actually registered for the same. Whatever it may be you should not be worried about it.

Moreover that is the minor offences so there is. No need to trial in court bcoz you already paid your penalty and disposal of your offence. There is no problem or objection if you getting any govt job. You are free to do any job.

The Supreme Court ruled that any person facing or convicted of a criminal offence cannot be considered suitable for a government appointment. To be considered eligible, a person should either have no charges pending against them, or have been acquitted of these charges by the court. However, this acquittal must not be out of a compromise between the accused and the victim, or due to the witnesses in the case turning hostile, but here there was no such case was filed against you even there was no court procesdding nothing was there so there is no prpblem for you to join a government job as you have not been convicted to do severe crime or anything like that. you can fearlesly proceed with the government job.

Reference: The law governing the case is Article 16 of the Indian Constitution guarantees equal opportunity to all citizens in matters related to employment in the public sector. Article 16(1) states that there shall be equal opportunity for the citizens in the matter of employment or appointment to any office under the State.



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