Do we have to pay additional charges for using clubhouse in housing society


The Members of Association ask by Notice to call for Special General Meeting to discuss on the issue and arrange to settle the without any demand on par with commercial cost. Subsequently it was not resolved, you can contest legally. Society will charge one time moving in moving out charges of Rs 10,000 per moving in and moving out case. The member will be required to pay additional clubhouse charges at rate of 10% of Maintenance fee as non-owners. it is that cost which builder has charged and not for membership per se. the builder used the membership charges collected from buyers and from a portion out of that, he must have constructed the club house and balance he retained as his profit. ÒMaintenance charges primarily includes charges towards upkeep and maintenance of common areas and facilities, security services including CCTV, etc. Common facilities include elevators, club house and generators. The Housing Society cannot arbitrarily enhance the Maintenance Charges (MC) at their whims and fancies. MC will be charged equally irrespective of size of flat.Clubhouse Makes Way for Influencers. Tech investors have warmed to the idea that being a content creator is a legitimate form of business. … Clubhouse, which took off in May and has 600,000 registered users, lets people join pop-up audio chat rooms. The app initially found popularity with the Silicon Valley crowd.

Reference: Transfer Of Property Act, 1882



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