Debarred due to low attendence from college


If you have less than 75% attendance before any Internal/ Final assessment, you will not be allowed to write the examination. Debarred means you have a shortage of attendance. … If you get debarred in any subject then at any cost VIT will NOT entertain any excuses and you will be restricted to writer any examination. If you can find sufficient faults in maintaining the attendance you have a good case to fight. However the count of 73 is too much and the reasons or excuses or faults would not be sufficient to cover the entire count of 73. And even if it is sufficient it would not be reasonably just in the eyes of law. Therefore Mercy is the safer way to move ahead. If the college has reduced the mandatory attendance to any lesser level(>75%) as obligatory by the university, the college may find it difficult to succeed. However if the 73 students have 0% or single digit attendance then such students can only wait for the next year, or expect a miraculous mercy from the kind judges presiding in the Hon’ble Court. If this is according to the terms and conditions of the college then nothing can be done.

Reference: Civil Procedure Code, 1908



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