How to register a lal dora property?

“If you want your Lal Dora property to be registered, go to the office of the Sub-Divisional Magistrate in charge of the area. Submit your application together with an affidavit detailing the land and its owner, as well as a copy of your ration card.
The government granted Lal Dora privileges to six villages in Delhi after the country gained independence in 1947.”

Do wife have right over husband self-acquired property?

A wife has no right over the ancestral property that has been passed down to her husband.

There is a case while the spouse has a right to the husband’s ancestral assets. When the ancestral assets is divided, every coparcener gets his or her personal part. The ancestral assets then will become the coparcener’s self-acquired assets.

If a coparcener dies intestate, his property is inherited via way of means of his spouse, who’s a class I heir.

When it comes to self acquired property, wife does not have any right over the property until after the death of the husband

How to legally resolve the property dispute between brothers?

The parties must file a suit for the partition deed as it seems the most suitable remedy in the current case. The partition could take place though the mutual settlement and the party would not have to approach the court. For this the father has to send a legal notice and if the parties do not agree then the father shall approach the court through filing a suit for partition. Under the provisions of the Partition Act, 1893, and person holding a share or a co- owner to the property has the right tp file a case for partition.

Is property sold after status quo order from court valid?

Section 52 of Transfer of Property Act states that if a litigation is pending in opposition to the suit property, the actions of purchase, sale or transfer of title of the property will be governed via way of means of the principle of lis pendens. This means that a property can’t be transferred if a lawsuit regarding it is pending in a court of law. If the courtÕs decision continues to be pending, then the sale is invalid.

Distribution of property between two wives

“When the first spouse is already present, neither she has died nor she has taken divorce from the first husband, the husband can’t remarry. This amounts to bigamy that is an offence below the Indian Penal Code and additionally as in keeping with the Hindu law, the second marriage is null and void.

The kids from the second marriage has no right over the husband’s property. The children from the first spouse are the official legal heirs of the man.”

Is Probate of a will necessary for Christians?

The Christian law of succession and inheritance is the identical for guys and women. A individual’s assets is considered as self-acquired regardless of the mode of acquisition and at some stage in one’s lifetime, no one else can contest for it. The individual who owns the assets can deliver it to anybody he wishes. He can present it, transfer it and might even make a will over the assets.

What is the validity of a registered GPA?

“A General Power of Attorney to gain legal validity should be registered with the sub-registrar’s office. The GPA isn’t legitimate for an indefinite length. It is legitimate for the life of the principal or the only one who’s awarding the General power of Attorney. It also can be revoked during the lifetime of the owner.

When it comes selling and purchasing of assets, General Power of Attorney isn’t a legitimate tool to transfer the titles of the property. A sale deed should be done for moving property titles, following which the individual who buys has to pay registration charges and stamp duty .

Will BMC give me a permanent permission for shed on my terrace?

“BMC will permit you to positioned everlasting shed, via way of means of taking an mission from you, that area so created among your roof slab and the shed will now no longer be used for living or storing of any goods.

Even when you have positioned the shed in the front of your flat and now no longer on pinnacle of the flat, then additionally, identical procedure, as said above needs to be done, from a BMC accredited architect.

For this paintings additionally you want a BMC accredited architect.”

Can your society ask you to pay cultural activity fund?

If the bye laws mention that it’s far voluntarily, then it’s far completely upto you to pay the quantity. Apart from the hire and the maintenance charges, you aren’t vulnerable to pay any charges. You need to realize that in case you need to take part in the event, you want to pay. Also in case your society is charging arbitrarily excessive charges, you may rebellion towards it. If they’re charging much less quantity then there need to be no hassle in paying it.

Is it possible to cancel settlement deed if person who wrote died?

Only on procuring the order of the court can a sttelement deed be cancelled. You may get get a favorable order from the court if your family members proves that the settlement deed is made maliciously or by foul play. If you are planning on challenging if the settlement deed id valid, then proper evidence needs to be submitted to the court proving their contention. You could try out an amicable settlement. If you feel the problem persists then you may decide on the legal course of action available for recourse.