How to proceed with Legal heir certificate under Padgdi system property owned by deceased father?

When the original tenant passes away, the pagdi place will belong family members residing with the tenant on the time of his dying in the pagdi premises or if no such family has been residing then it will belong to the legal heirs of the tenant in this example if the tenancy is needed to be transferred to the son, then you’ll need to approach the owner with a request to transfer lease receipt to the name of the son

What to do when there is a leakage in ceiling and the owner of the upper floor is not responding?

“You will need to document an utility to the co-operative housing society fashioned on your apartment. If they fail to offer an answer then you could document a civil fit withinside the jurisdictional civil courtroom docket towards the stated society.
1. document criticism with muncipal business enterprise towards society refusal to do so on leakages from neighbour flat.
2. you could additionally document criticism towards society earlier than purchaser discussion board are seeking orders to direct society to direct neighbour to plug the leakages.

File criticism in civil courtroom docket: If the problem remains now no longer resolved.”

What to do if Landlord is not ready for redevelopment of house?

“Maharashtra Rent Control act especially defend the rights of tenants. if your landlord now no longer taken initiative for creation of constructing then you definitely are required to report a suit in civil court below the stated act.

the country authorities has introduced a brand new redevelopment coverage for tenant-occupied dilapidated homes withinside the suburbs and non-cessed tenant-occupied homes withinside the island city.”

Differnce between lease deed and sale deed

The main distinction is that in the event of a sale, the deed of sale transfers legal title to land from one person to another, i.e. the first party sells the property title to the second party in exchange for a particular sum of money. A Conveyance Deed, on the other hand, has no such restriction. In the case of a gift, an exchange, a lease (temporary), a mortgage, or other conditions, a deed can transfer legal title to property from one person to another.

We are staying in Pagdi Chawl in Mumbai since sixty years. Now our chawl is going under redevelopment. Is it essential to transfer rent receipt on our name? can we make agreement with developer, as it is bound to transfer on our name as we are staying since 60 years? Can the rent receipt be transferred on joint name?

You can approach your landlord to sign the transfer of rent receipt and in case he refuses to do even though you have lived there for several years, you can file a declaratory suit.

Rent receipt can be jointly named and it is necessary or convenience’s sake in case the property goes for redevelopment so the tenants can have equal rights.

Hw to file a harassment complaint against Housing society member?

One can refer to the police by contacting them and the officer would reach the location one had specified on the call.

An inquiry would be set up by the police prior to going for furthur investigation.

You have the option of filing a complaint with the Registrar. The Registrar will issue a show cause notice to your society’s Chairman and Secretary.

Follow-up at the Registrar’s office should be done on a regular basis.”

How can Flat Association disconnect water supply due to non-payment of maintenance charges?

If any flat owner is not paying the maintenance charges, it is open to the association to pay the same and demand the same from the defaulting member in accordance with law, provided in the Apartment Ownerships Act.
As per Supreme Court ruling that no society is entitled to disconnect or suspend common amenities including water supply. You have to issue a legal notice to the defaulter and if he/she does not budge, move the Civil Court.

How to transfer rent receipt in Pagdi system after tenant dies?

In your case, if you are the sole legal heir then there is no transfer fee as such for transferring a property under Pagdi system. You can talk to your landlord and mutually change it to your name. If building is going for redevelopment, that does not impact anything regarding the change of rights of tenancy. The landlord can ask you to live somewhere else till the time it is redeveloped but cannot charge fees from you for changing the co-ownership of property to your name without any reason

Which address should you give while police verification for visa?

Police Verification will be done before issuance of passport. Now as in your current address, the rent agreement has not yet been made, you can then request the landlord for the same. Also if he doesn’t make the same, you can issue a legal notice to him. You can also show the bills paid over the property as a proof of the residence. This can be your gas bill, electricity bill and so on.

Can you deposit the rent amount directly in the court?

To deposit the rent in the court, you will have to file an application before the Rent Controller seeking permission to deposit the rent in view of the refusal by your landlord to accept the same. The court after listening to your facts and after seeing the circumstances will decide the same. The court can also levy fine on the landlord if his reason of non acceptance of the amount is unjustified.