What are the divorce reservation rules in Rajasthan?

The women have reservations up to 30 percent of which one third of the candidates selected are widows and divorcees are in the ratio of 80:20 as stated by the department of personnel. The Rajasthan State Government has clearly stated that at time of application which is filed, the applicant must be eligible or fulfilling the conditions so states and thus no problem shall arrive in relation to reservation on grounds of divorced quota

What are the duties of inquiry officer in departmental inquiry?

If an employee who misbehaves with the enquiry officer, witness or any such person associated, and hinder the smooth running of the case, the facts of the conduct shall be recorded by the enquiry officer. And if without the permission of the enquiry officer, the enquiry officer has the right to proceed without the presence of the employee if he has left enquiry during proceedings

Can a government employee do intraday future and option trading?

“Yes, you could spend money on stocks. According to Central Civil Services behavior regulations 1964, investments in shares, debentures and mutual finances may be made with the aid of using the Government servant.

Section 16 (1) (2) & (3) of the Central Civil Services behavior regulations 1964 states “” Investment, lending and borrowing (1) No Government servant shall speculate in any inventory, proportion or different investment:
Provided that not anything on this sub-rule shall observe to occasional investments made thru inventory agents or different individuals duly authorized and authorized or who’ve acquired a certificates of

How can i leave my job without serving notice period?

The corporation cannot compel you to finish the notice period; it can only ask you to pay for it according to the terms. The corporation will not be able to detain you and would not be able to take any legal action against you. If you don’t want an experience letter and your new position is secure without one, go ahead and start the new work. Just make sure you submit your resignation letter on time.

Can company change notice period without consent of the employee?

The appointment letter is considered as a contract between the employer and employee under the provisions of Indian Contract Act, 1827.
Contracts are formed when both the parties mutually agree to work together under certain terms and conditions. If either party wishes to change the terms and conditions, they are bound to communicate the changes.
Section 9 A of the Industrial Disputes Act, 1947 provides that any change in service conditions is to be made only after giving the employees so affected by such change at least three weeks notice.
Thus, you can take legal action against the company.

What is the legal procedure to obtain my original certificates in case the company has retained them?

The employer’s motion is unlawful and is infringing your Fundamental Right. By manner of regulation or via way of means of manner of another provision of carrier contract, he can not hold your originals. By doing this violation of Section 23 of the Indian Contract Act as it’s far unconsciable provision and that specific provision could be declared “null” via way of means of the courts. You actually have a Fundamental Right below Article 19 of the Indian Constitution in which you may pursue your very own profession or commercial enterprise and no person can infringe it.

What is the details regarding rejection in pre employment medical?

It isn’t always unusual for applicants for the job to be worried they won’t “get through” the pre-employment medical check-up due to a preceding injury, or due to a medical issue.

Failure in pre-employment physical or HPE can occur for some of reasons, even though frequently failing a drug or alcohol test may be the cause a candidate fails. This is especially not unusual for jobs related to running heavy equipment wherein sobriety is of paramount importance.

What to do when full and final settlement amount not received after resignation?

Withholding of terminal benefits (payments due on the time of complete and very last settlement) through the business enterprise (organization) is unlawful in addition to unjustified. In case of delay, an worker can legally declare the appropriate interest upon the not on-time bills. you may in police complaint for illegally forcing you to surrender and now no longer paying FNF. After which you all can record a complaint earlier than the labor commissioner of your area. You all also can record the Recovery Suit earlier than the civil court in opposition to the stated Company.

Are repeating +2 exams even after passing legal or not?

However, you aren’t allowed to do the twelfth standard two times with different streams from the same board. So so as to legally repeat 12th exams even after passing you may have to change up your school board earlier than admission. You can pick out some state or open board.

Also i where the gap is more than 3 or 4 years then you may have to first give your 10th board exam and then later give your 12th board examination.

What to do when employer do not respond to resignation letter?

It is suggested to first forward a mail to the manager mentioning the wish to resign along with the resignation letter and the intention in relation to the notice period. The last months drawn salary is usually provided but might deffer based on the firms policy

Article 285 of the labor code enumerates two kinds of resignation where one being being voluntary resignation i.e.dismissal by the employee without or with just cause and mentions it even if there isand also mentions that if there is a just cause then the employee need not wait for the 30 day period so specified.