What is the punishment for presenting fake marksheet?

“For creating 100 fake marksheets, just one FIR can be filed. It is not necessary to submit 100 FIRs. A explanation of how to make 100 false marksheets should be included in the FIR. Forgery has a potential penalty of 10 years to life in prison.

Sections 420 (cheating), 467 (forgery of valuable security), 468 (forgery for cheating), 471 (using as genuine a forged document), and 109/120B (abetment of criminal conspiracy) of the Indian Penal Code apply to anyone who possess a false degree (IPC). They will be sentenced to seven years in jail.”

What is the cost for FIR quashing?

Dear sir, The quashing of FIR has to filed in front of the Respective Hon’ble High Court.
The grounds of mutual and amicable settlement can be produced before the High Court while requesting for quashing of the FIR. Section 482 of the code of criminal procedure states the power of the high court to grant the quashing of FIR on certain reasonable grounds where mutual or amicable settlement is one of them. An application may also be presented to the police station in relation to the facts if the settlement.
Minimum charges of lawyer must be between 5,ooo to 5500 as per the hearing

What happens if a legal notice is sent to a wrong address

Under section 80 of the Code of Civil Procedure 1908, the undelivered legal notice will hinder the filing of the suit. For a legal notice to be valid, it has to be acknowledged. if the legal notice is not received because the notice isnt at home or the legal notice has been delivered to the wrong address, then the notice has to be sent again at the correct address.hey must try to sent the notice at least three timmes.This wont stop the court from proceeding with the matter. You will have to file a complaint again.

What is the meaning of station bail from police station?

According to Section 50 of Code of Criminal Procedure, while someone is arrested with out a warrant, it’s miles the police officer’s responsibility to intimate all of the info of the offence to the man or woman for which she or he is being arrested for. The police officer additionally has to tell if the offence is bailable, and that the man or woman is entitled to be launched on bail after charge of surety. Station bail simply manner which you had been arrested for a bailable offence and the police granted you bail.

Is home tuition illegal?

Nowadays, turning into a coach has become a brand new manner of creating money. There are even on line jobs from domestic for college kids having a Bachelors or College diploma and who’re interested by coaching their junior grades. Anyone can grow to be a coach nowadays as barring some maximum of the legalities related to personal tutoring are voluntary.

What is the meaning of i had a NGR(E) case which was dropped by the court?

In my view if the case has been drooped then no impact will be on your police verification method and also you don’t think about this higher you are taking a licensed reproduction of the identical dropped record. If your case reputation is pronouncing that the case has been disposed of or disposed, it method that the complaints withinside the specific case had been completed. In different words, the trial withinside the stated case has come to an give up and the honourable courtroom docket has given its very last order.

If case status is shown as “contested-dismissed”, does it mean the accused’s lawyer has asked to get the case dismissed?

The case fame of “contested-brushed off” is a form of a disposed case. In a contested-brushed off case, the declare of the petitioner/plaintiff is disputed, because the petitioner/plaintiff won’t have submitted required legitimate evidences. A crook case in district court is stated to be disposed at the date the case is certain over to advanced court with the aid of using manner of a superseding indictment, a waiver or locating of probably cause, or whilst the case is eventually disposed withinside the district court with the aid of using responsible plea, or dismissal or locating of no probably cause.

Will Drink And Drive Case Will Affect Getting Government Job?

“No. It will have no bearing on your government job . Driving while inebriated is not a crime. It’s a rule infringement that can result in a fine or, in the worst-case scenario, incarceration.

Yes, they most certainly do. If you have a pending criminal complaint, it may have an impact on your job unless it is withdrawn or dismissed.

Convictions for drunk driving will be used to deny visas and employment, particularly in government posts… Cases of other traffic violations are also being considered for inclusion in background checks for government employment.”

Can a disposed case be re opened?

“A disposed case can be reopened if a celebration to a case isn’t always satisfied. In case there’s a mistake or accidental wonder a comfort may be granted in an effort to correctly reopen the case for in addition proceedings. Also if new proof is observed that may modify the judgement then a case can be reopened. For example, withinside the case of CBI vs Shrikant Jain and others, disposal of antique instances had been discussed.

However, there’s no time restrict for the disposal of instances so that you can record a sparkling case below 498a and Desertion.”

How can I withdraw the case if charge sheet is not yet submitted to court?

“If the rate sheet isn’t always but filed then you could provide a restatement to the police which you do now no longer desire to keep with the case and need to withdraw the grievance.
The case may be withdrawn every time earlier than the rate sheet is filed via way of means of filing a written letter to the Station head of the police station in which the FIR is lodged. If the police refuses to withdraw the grievance then you could ask the accused to get the grievance quashed.
Thus, you can withdraw the case most effective if the rate sheet isn’t always filed.”